Broken to Beautiful

Dear You,

Would you like help to become stronger, healthier, spirit, soul, and body? It is possible. You may already know this...but it's so vital it bears repeating. Your thoughts will determine your actions...which will lead to your habits...that will take you to your destiny. So...I want to help you have amazingly beautiful, positive thoughts about yourself. These affirmations will encourage you and help you to see yourself as you really are...someone so precious and valuable to God. Please read these affirmations out loud...

These affirmations carried me through some brutally dark days. There is power in our words. Power to transform us. The most powerful words are those inspired and spoken by God.

Honestly, if you claim these words, you will see transformation in your thinking and then in your life. Here is an idea for prayers to go with these affirmations.

I have created a course called Broken to Beautiful--Transformed by God's Power, to help women find greater health in all areas of their lives ~ so they can be stronger ~ more confident. I am like a coach, cheering you on to greater heights. I believe in you. If God can change me ~ He can change anyone. If you are a man, and you know any women who would be encouraged by this, please pass this information on to them. Here are a few comments from people who have taken the course.

Broken to Beautiful has been an amazing course… Rena and guests offer such a wealth of God inspired messages! I’ve received inner healing, have a deeper purpose, and greater awareness of my authority in Christ. It’s also a bonus to weekly connect with women from around the world to share our struggles and victories and to encourage and pray for one another. Also, being connected to a prayer partner was a special blessing. I would encourage any women needing community and wanting more of God to enrol.

Donna Janke, BC

I just did a wonderful course called Broken to Beautiful. It was amazing and uplifting. I highly recommend it. I found the program material essential to all who are suffering and in search of healing.

Tanya Bevz, BC

Dearest Rena, every attendee and contributor... Thank you, thank you, thank you …there are no words really...the course was as mentioned-a splendid and timely reminder of the Lord’s unfailing and unfathomable love for His children. I think I am starting to realize more and more (especially after the course) how relevant that is to me personally also! I am eternally grateful for this new forever family. God bless you all.

Petri Schabort, South Africa

Here is a super cool 70 second video my son put together for me to tell people about the course. If the video doesn't work (technology is such fun) you can see it on my Facebook page.

Here is a link to the waitlist to find out more...

The plan is for the course to begin 07/22/22. If you sign up for the waitlist you will be sent more details about the course and you will be sent a special lovely surprise (all in June).

Blessings, Beloved of God.

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