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Broken to Beautiful

Do you like free gifts? There is a link below that will give you affirmations that were a lifeline to me in my darkest moments. They are meant to be an encouragement for you ~ to bless you and give you hope.

Broken to beautiful is a course I have created that will help you discover God's best for your life. You will find greater freedom from anxiety, stress, and all of the enemies lies. You will be reminded how your mind can be renewed by God's Word. You will learn how to be stronger outwardly and inwardly ~ strong in the LORD and the power of His might.

Our thoughts about ourselves, God, and others leads us to choices which become habits which lead to a destiny. Trust God's Spirit to lead you. He led you here. You can create an immunity to the lies by replacing them with God's truth. When we trust God more than the lies, the negative words do not have power over us. When He created you, God had something beautiful in mind. This course will help you find the person He created you to be.

For a chance to win a FREE Broken to Beautiful course, please message me at Rena Groot on Messenger or in the comments and tell me why you believe this course would be a blessing to you. The winner will be chosen January 21st.

There is also a two-for-one special. Bring a friend. The course begins Friday, January 27th.

If you follow the prompts in the link there is a sneak peek to Broken to Beautiful—created to help you become the best you possible—healthier spirit, soul, and body. Click this link for more information. I hope you decide to join me on this amazing, transformational adventure with God.

Blessings & love, Rena Groot

website ~

My son Shane made this beautiful 70-second video about the course for a Mother's Day gift. Shane's website is Blessings, Beloved of God.

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