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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Freedom is a powerful word. So many in the past gave up their freedoms, their very lives, so we could have it. Why do we so often take for granted that which costs us nothing?

Many think this movement of trucks driving across Canada is merely about vaccine mandates. That was a catalyst for the truck convoys, the freedom fighters, but this move across Canada stands for so much more.

A huge sector of Canadians are slowly being marginalized. It has been so subversive, most aren't even aware of it. The rope of control has slowly been tightened. When unvaxed people are called mysoginists and treated as second class citizens, something is very wrong. It reminds me of the frog who sits comfortably in a pot of warm water. As the water is heated gradually the frog gets used to his changing climate. I wonder if he ever wakes up...or does he just slowly get lulled to sleep and to death?

Canadians are making a stand for freedom. Many are shaking off the tyranny of a system that leads to a socialist republic. It's not the beautiful utopia many believe it is. Our forefathers fought and died so we could live in freedom. Socialism does not equal freedom. The words spoken to Joshua speak to us today. "Be strong and very courageous." It is not a time to be cowardly. It is a time to speak up for freedom before it's lost forever.

The truckers and supporters feel the federal government has crossed a line by demanding all citizens be vaccinated and carry passports. People have lost their jobs and are not allowed into some businesses and cannot buy or sell unless they prove they have been vaccinated with this experimental jab. The vaccines do not prevent someone getting or transmitting covid, so why the extreme mandates? Truckers want to see all draconian measures removed.

This is a peaceful protest. Where there is danger of violence I believe extremists have tried to smear the intentions of this movement. We have a brief moment in time to declare we will not be pushed into a corner and dictated to.

Many government officials are saying the mandates are about our health. If they were, medicines that could help would be used and not banned. This is not about health. It is about control. Wake up, people. Don't be like the frog who was slowly boiled to death.

This is a desperate cry for freedom...for there to be no sacrificing the soul of Canada on the altar of tyranny and socialism. This is not over-reacting. If we don't grab our freedom now, you will not recognize Canada and the world by the year 2030. Your every movement will be monitored and controlled. You will be punished severely for any infractions.

Does this sound ludicrous to you? Just ask someone in North Korea what life is like there. That is where our current government is taking us. Is that really where you want to go? This is not even a complete list of what we have lost in the last two years...

  • restaurants, movie theatres, stores... closed to anyone not carrying the correct bureaucratic documents

  • cancelled surgeries

  • family and friends we haven’t been allowed to see

  • elderly parents passing away alone

  • funerals of loved ones we haven’t been allowed to attend

  • kids cancelled birthday parties

  • 2+ year olds who have never had a birthday party yet, nor attended one

  • sharp decline in mental health.

  • cancelled vacations

  • cancelled work trips

  • cancelled festivals

  • cancelled concerts

  • cancelled parties, reunions, and weddings

  • masking our children while they sit in class, run during gym, and play outside

  • having to choose between a vaccine that’s given your neighbour heart problems, or your mother Bell’s Palsy or losing your job

  • health care workers, our heroes, losing their jobs

  • public servants losing their jobs

  • parents that have been forced to leave work to homeschool their kids

  • missing work and defaulting on mortgages and bills

  • choosing to stay home instead of work and being rewarded with “free” money.

  • It’s that money, that “free” money that we’re all going to have to pay back through taxes eventually

  • the isolation...separation

  • It’s telling us how many can come over for Christmas

  • It’s the hours spent listening to our government officials dictate every inch of our lives

  • It’s the fear mongering that’s been instilled upon us by our leaders and every single news outlet

  • It’s the vacationers that have been stranded on cruise ships, resorts and in airports

  • It’s been the excuse for nearly every single business to jack it’s prices up, “because of Covid”

  • It’s the reason many were no longer able to build their dream homes, or move provinces away to newly bought homes

  • It’s the dads not being able to be present for their unborn babies ultrasound

  • It’s the mothers giving birth and being told both our husbands and mother can’t be there unless both are vaccinated, yet an unvaccinated doula can be

  • It’s the hugs we’ve missed out on

  • It’s the pro sports cancelled

  • It's seeing smiling faces

  • Kids sports cancelled

  • Gym classes cancelled

  • Rec classes cancelled

  • Competitions cancelled

  • Hair appointments cancelled

  • Photography sessions cancelled

  • Everything... Cancelled

  • It’s not being able to take your kid to their hockey game

  • It’s the 10 year old that’s choosing a needle in her arm just so she can attend her dance competition

  • It’s trying to explain to our 2 year olds who are now 4 year olds why they have to wear a mask

  • It’s the burnt out teachers

  • Burnt out doctors

  • Burnt out nurses

  • Burnt out fast food workers

  • Burnt out moms

  • Burnt out grocery workers

  • Burnt out gas station attendants

  • It’s the constant contradiction and changing of rules

  • Our leaders, now dictators... Dividing us... Separating us even more

  • It’s really been our freedom that’s been impacted the most. The freedom of choice. So whether you agree with this Convoy or not, I think the majority of us are ready to have our freeddom back now please. This is why I stand with the truckers.

  • (part of this list is from a post I saw)

  • #freedomconvoy2022 #unity #freecanada #freetheworld #freedom

Again, be strong and courageous. Do not fear, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. God used handfuls of brave men and women in the past to turn the tide of history. This is so like Him, to use a group of truckers to be a catalyst for freedom. I sincerely hope you stand on the side of freedom.

The greatest freedom we are offered goes beyond time and into eternity. Jesus paid with His life for that freedom. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. I hope you will find freedom, now and forever. Blessings, Beloved

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