The Garden Gate

My friend Kate gave me a beautiful book of poetry, The Garden Gate. I cried as I read many of the poems so rich and pure and full of love for God and others. "In My Arms She Lay" is my favorite a beautiful poem about the death of a beloved mother. They are all special.

The book's Dedication and Invitation are lovely...

With fond memories of a life shared

forever in my thoughts,

this book is dedicated to my mom, Aafke,

who gave me the inspiration in so many ways to use the countless gifts that the living God has decided to bestow on my life.

With much joy and peace

within my soul,

with no regrets,

I first and foremost give honour to the living God, the King of kings

who made me

exactly who and what I am:

His child,

a royal prince in waiting.

Foreword by the Author

Wrapped in the folds of these pages are the thoughts and experiences of Ralph Wierenga, so written to engage the mind in reflective thought for both friend and foe. Thoughts of a time when never a question was asked, yet inspired by the events of time, were so recorded to spark the thoughts of some of a precious time lost. Here recorded as an eyewitness of what has been seen and heard as a testimony of the greatness and power of my most treasured and honoured Friend that has walked with me through life. Common occurrences have been recorded over time through the thoughts and remembrances of a love so precious and dear that were rejected, and not acknowledged. Not a word of thanks was given. However, life’s journey is recorded in two books that include every thought, word, and deed done with a selfless expression with room to fill in the gaps. Recorded dates could be important to some to gain the ideal impression and the depth of meaning. The God I serve knows it all. Every step and waking hour will be honoured with countless blessings, particularly when done for our parents. May you enjoy and be inspired to live life with a voice of gratitude and thanksgiving to the living God in such a way that all may see and be blessed accordingly.

Blessings, Beloved.

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